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Han Translations is a translation and interpreting company based in Belgium, specializing in Korean translation and interpreting – Korean-Dutch and Dutch-Korean. In addition to Korean and Dutch translations, Han Translations also provides English and Spanish translation services. Han Translations is the only translation and interpreting company in Belgium that directly provides Korean translation and interpreting services.

Korean is in high demand

'Han' is derived from the Korean word for South Korea (Hanguk) and is a well-known term in South Korea for everything related to Korea. As the name suggests, Han Translations specializes in Korean translations, especially Korean-Dutch and vice versa. Due to the level of difficulty and the small number of active translators in this sector, Korean is in high demand.

Professional translator and interpreter

Do you need a translation of your contract from Dutch to Korean or vice versa? Looking for a sworn translator to translate your Korean marriage certificate to Dutch? In need of Korean interpreting services for your business deal? Han Translations conveys your message with precision and style.
Han Translations, distinguishing itself through its enthusiasm and competence, applies a targeted approach. Our translation service is always ready for you, also outside office hours.

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Steffie Vandelacluze - Han Translations

About us

Han Translations is a translation company that specializes in Korean translations and is managed by the Belgian translator Steffie Vandelacluze. The assignments are carried out by her personally with the assistance of Bang Young Ho, Korean native speaker.

Steffie obtained her master's degree summa cum laude in Oriental Languages and Cultures at the University of Ghent. In addition to her master's degree in Oriental Languages and Cultures, Steffie also studied Spanish linguistics at Ghent University. She has subsequently been a doctoral researcher focusing on Korean and Latin American modern literature.

She decided to put her passion for the Korean language and her extraordinary language skills into practice, and established her own translation and interpreting company – Han Translations.



Our translation service specializes in Korean-Dutch and Dutch-Korean, and also offers translations in all possible combinations between Dutch, Korean, English and Spanish.

Translation expertise

Quality is our key principle. In order to ensure this, all Korean translations are carefully revised by our Korean native speaker Bang Young Ho.

Our translation expertise extends from business and marketing, technical translations, medical translations, legal translations, manuals to art and literature and so much more. We are also open for individual commissions.

In addition to translation, we also provide many other services, such as: proofreading and editing, summarizing, transcribing, subtitling and copywriting.


Do you need Korean interpreting in Belgium? Han Translations provides consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services, as well as linguistic advice according to your needs.

Since we are a Belgium-based company, we mainly provide interpreting services in Belgium, but we can also find a suitable solution outside of Belgium.


Han Translations is the only translation and interpreting company in Belgium that directly provides Korean translation and interpreting, as well as English and Spanish translation services.

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